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Destroy and Rebuild

By March 12, 2009March 22nd, 20174 Comments

Today was a go out for an hour and a half and ride at LT for 20 minutes day.  After my 4 hour day yesterday, it was interesting to see what I had.  Ohhh, it hurt.  It hurt much.  Oddly enough though, after the effort, I felt pretty strong and didn’t want to go home and end the ride.  Now I will spend 3 days off the bike hanging out and working at the Ergon booth at the Seattle Bike Show.  Monday will be back to the bike, and I am amped that the temps will be back up in the 60s instead of the 30s like this week.
Picture 3

Dig. Dig. Dig.  Most of you probably don’t care about power file… but as an enginerd, I think it’s kinda fun.

Then I experienced a little piece of heaven.  Garmin Slipsteam’s soigneur – Reed McCalvin rocked my world today on the massage table.  I have never had such a great massage.  He has worked with some truly amazing cyclists – ones where I’m just poo on the bottom of their shoe in comparison.  His mucho experience points definitely show.  He may be my new secret weapon. SHHHH.  To distract you from the pain, his great sense of humor adds to the experience.  He could charge just to be funny.  🙂

It’s off to Seattle at 6AM, dark and early.  I’ll keep you posted!


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