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Ayesha McGowan is the first African American female Professional Cyclist, riding for Liv Cycling. She’s on a mission to advocate for representation and is an inspiration for the next generation of African American female cyclists.  Her bicycle has been a tool to not only help her accomplish her dreams, but as a vehicle for storytelling and social change.  Ayesha noticed that our sport of competitive cycling was being represented in the media by white men and she took action. Her tagline is “Representation Matters.”  She’s been on the cover of Outside Magazine, partnered with Nike’s Dream Bigger video series, and has spoken on stages, podcasts, and articles on why it’s important to have representation in sport, in the media, and in the industry. She is also a podcaster herself, has her own YouTube Channel, a full racing schedule, and also the creator of DoBetterRide Virtual Ride series.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how Ayesha found bike racing and mentors
  • journey into road racing/how road racing works
  • women’s racing inspiration
  • representation vs tokenism
  • equality vs equity
  • why you shouldn’t say “I don’t see color” & implicit biases
  • sea otter comments
  • brand support
  • Do Better Together

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