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How well do you know your body?  Dr. Jen Esquer (DocJenFit) believes in empowering people to heal themselves through movement and body awareness.  As a Physical Therapist with a sports focus, she has the equation to our aches and pains: mobility.  Mobility or being able to use our body through its full ranges of motion is often the most overlooked element.  Mobility is what makes up the foundation behind stretching, strength work, and yoga and every way we bend and use our body.  I recently started putting more emphasis on mobility when I realized that all of my recurring aches and pains were related to an inability to move properly.  I also couldn’t understand why I could never do a proper handstand despite doing yoga for over a decade.  I learned that I actually can’t put my arms over my head properly.  Wake up call: all the yoga in the world won’t fix your mobility issues.  I learned mobility the key to shoulder and knee pain.  When I found DocJenFit on Instagram, I was amazed and inspired by her videos.  She makes it easy to understand and even more important- easy to execute in our daily lives.

Dr. Jen left the standard PT clinic and started her own business with both a private practice and an online platform called The Mobility Method and The Optimal Body.  In this episode, we talk about Dr. Jen’s journey, rethinking how to help people heal their own bodies, understanding your personal areas of pain, the mistake most people make with their breathing, and how to cultivate more self-compassion and self-love.

I follow DocJenFit very closely and I think after hearing this episode, you will to!

Topics Discussed in the Podcast

  • How Dr. Jen chose the path of physical therapy
  • How to take a leap to leave your job and start your own business
  • Understanding the areas of pain in your body through self-assessment
  • Why mobility is the key to unlocking performance
  • How to use the breath to lessen our sensation with pain
  • Emotional pain can manifest as physical pain
  • Key steps to having more self-compassion and self-love


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