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Don't eat and read this post.

By November 12, 2008March 22nd, 201714 Comments

Monday morning.  I was in a hurry to get to the weekly Monday morning meeting (yes, it’s kind of sadistic).  I was walking with my bike to the sidewalk and for some reason, I decided to walk through the grass.  I sat down in the conference room between two guys and started listening to the weekly happenings.  Suddenly, I smelled a very fowl odor, yet an odor that was not recognizable.  I sat there for awhile, looking side to side at the guys sitting next to me wondering why one of them smelled so bad.  I thought, “Is it me?”  I was nonchalantly sniffing my hair, my shirt, and it all smelled good.  “Where is that coming from?”  I downed my 1L Sigg bottle, so I excused myself to go refill, and to have an excuse to leave for a minute.  I wandered back to my desk to get something and bent down to pick it up.  I smelled the odor again. “Whaaa….?”  I was frantically sniffing my hair, my armpits, my pants.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Suddenly (while still bent over) I glanced at my office chair.  There was poop all over the footrail.  And then it hit me – I looked on the bottom of my Dansko clog and there it was.  Dog poo.  This wasn’t just any dog poo.  It was the dog poo of my neighbor’s great dane that apparently eats nuclear waste judging by the smell of it.  I took off my shoe and left it by the door.  I went back into the meeting and noticed that where my foot had been resting under the table was the toxic poop.  It was pretty much everwhere.  After the meeting, I was trying to clean it, gagging and almost throwing up multiple times, and loudly making fun of myself.  I even had to scrape the poop out out the small treads of my shoes, scrub it off my chair…   Yeah.  Funny.  I love dogs, but I do not love 1 cup of green, rancid, soft dog poop all over my shoes and office.  People, please pick up poop or I will step in it.   I don’t crap in front of your house and leave it.

PB114912 Especially when this sign is right there….

Anyways, enough of that rant. I thought it was pretty comical, so I wanted to share it with you all. Since Sunday’s 5 hour ride with Jeff, which, by the way, was DEFINITELY NOT base miles for me, we are now sitting at Wed night. The ride Sunday was great and I enjoyed it, but I spent most of it in zone 3 and 4, including up a heinous 4WD road on our road bikes. That was definitely a road for mountain bikes. Monday was a rest day/work day/step in dog crap day.

Tuesday, I went for a 7-8 mile run(~1 hour). It was nice to change it up, but I hadn’t run in a month so my foot was hurting. I behaved and didn’t run too fast. I really love running… I just need to make it happen more. I was actually planning on doing some running racing this fall like I did last year, but my lack of motivation to hit the road has put a stick in my spokes so to speak.

Today, I rode to Gold Hill again via Sunshine Canyon and back on Poorman. I did it on the road bike with my compact crank this time. I tell you what, it’s SUPER nice to have that crank for the parts of the road where the grade is 15% +. Amen to that. It was extra challenging today because the dirt part had been watered by a truck, so it was a soft mud pit. My skinny little road tires were sinking in it, so I had to work pretty hard. I am also sore in my hips from running, so climbing was more challenging than usual. Despite what many people think, power generation starts at your hips and butt. It’s not all in the legs.

Tomorrow is a work day and this weekend will be filled with fun riding! Stay tuned. I promise I’ll have pictures. I need to get a battery for my powertap b/c right now it’s only reading my HR. Then maybe I’ll post some power ride files that were requested! Hopefully later this year I will get my hands on a Suunto T6 so I can map the altitude and HR as well!!! They are so cool. And now, I am heading to the Boulder Theater to go catch the newest Warren Miller ski flick and get my hands on a free ski pass!!


  • sonya says:

    Ok. My LOANER powertap 🙂

  • Brian Stevens says:

    My dog Lindy is a Great Dane and he is sad about the dog poo incident … Danes are great dogs and sorry your neighboor did not clean up after their dog.

  • Urs says:

    Fatherhood has seriously limited my time on the bike, but I dicovered baby wipes. They are fantastic! God knows how managed to bike & hike without them? Yeah and they smell good, too. They would have been my choice of weapon against the dog poo!

  • Jason says:

    freakiing hilarious!!

  • Nick says:

    I went through the dog crap on my lawn deal last year. I would be mowing my lawn and step right into IT! I had to survey first, mow after. I found myself cleaning up after my idiot neighbors who walk their dogs around town.

    Not that I am proud.. but I stopped it myself. All I had to do was move the crap from yard to the road. They would then see it walking their dogs next time. Feel some guilt, then it stopped.

    I don’t hate dogs, just their owners.

    Oh did I mention I am tired of being chased by dogs on bike rides too?

  • sonya says:

    I love pooches… just never been able to have one because, well, you guys see how often I am actually home. Someday! I like big mountain dogs, like malamutes or burmese mountain dogs. Awesome! Little ones are cute too though, but you can’t take them camping or hiking. They would be a scooby snack!

    I saw a dog on my ride yesterday. I was bombing down the canyon and suddenly this big dog wandered out in the middle of the road. We both looked at each other for a second, so I said, “HI DOGGIE!” and he decided to be nice. It’s usually the little ones that chase and act ferocious toward me on rides. Never been bit fortunately. It seems it’s usually hikers and runners that get bit, and usually in the ass!

  • Don says:

    That brought tears to my eyes…your description of it was absolutely classic…nice work! 🙂

    I second that baby wipes rule.

  • TC says:

    A guy at work had the same problem with his neighbor’s dog. He described an easy solution. Cook up a big pot roast and make extra gravy. Wander around your yard and pour the gravy on the deposits and the culprit will clean up his own mess and in most cases vomit it back up in the owner’s house. If the owner wants to let his his dog eat crap off of your lawn, then he can clean it up later in his living room. The guy at work claims that the offending dog is not allowed in his yard now.

  • Guitar Ted says:

    That was great. Thanks for the laugh! Yeah….dog poo, I got a few stories about that, but that’ll save until I get a chance to chat with you again someday.

    + 3 on baby wipes. I never go on a long ride without them. 🙂

  • Jame says:

    It’s almost always the little dogs that go after my ankles on my runs, too. I guess they have to compensate.

  • Jeni says:

    Ick!!! I did something similar in Portland. Managed to roll through a nice pile of dog crap. Didn’t notice it until later in my hotel when I couldn’t figure out where the stink was coming from. I had it on both the front and rear wheels. What the?!? That was incentive to ride longer and harder the next day to get it off the tires without touching it.

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