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Driving to Gunnison tomorrow

By May 21, 2009March 22nd, 201711 Comments

Picture 1
Gunni Growler on SUNDAY SUNDAY!

Eye of the tiger. Ojo de tigre!!!!! Music videos have come a long way…

Today was a quick ride up to Betasso (see video from a few days ago for the loop) to keep the legs in check for the race on Sunday. You know, to get the guns cocked and loaded. (yes. I just said cocked, you may laugh now).

Betasso… buffed and tacky.  I will be using the Ergon GR2 grips for the race on Sunday.

Things were 30 to 40 degrees cooler today, and it was cloudy. I took a risk going up the canyon today, and only got a few sprinkles!

I made it up the Betasso connector for the very first time today!!!! I was super psyched.

Legs felt not good, not bad…but I can live with that for now.

Mr. Kerkove got my bike all dialed for the race.  I am running the Continental Mountain King Protection tires for the race.

We are heading out in the AM, and picking up Namrita, Eddie, and Yuki.

Side note… I wish I was cool enough to do trials.


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