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E-Rock Cycling Festival

By June 8, 2009March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Sunday morning was the E-Rock Cycling Festival. It consists of different road ride distances, a 25 mile mountain bike distance, and a 24 hour race the day before. In previous years, I have partaken in the 24 hour race.

Myself, Mr. Kerkove, and Senor Wiens went on the 25 mile ride and got to chat with a bunch of different folks. The ride was paved and dirt roads to suit all abilities. I was admittedly a bit sore from the XC race! I am not used to riding as hard. When I ride harder, my position changes a little bit.

Waiting to get started.

Jeff and Dave

Aide stations were busy, fun, and well-stocked. Great place to chat with people.


Lots of recreational cyclists out on this ride!

Hey Kerkove! Get up here!

Riding with Dave is always so cool!

Working at the Ergon booth.

A bill has been passed in Colorado, thanks to Governor Ritter and some o the senators that will require motorists to pass cyclists and give 3 feet of distance. The Governor gave a speech…

as did Dave.

Some ominous clouds and wind came from the north causing a lot of us to pack up early and head back (but only an hour early). There were reports of tornadoes in Denver; I’m just glad we missed them.

It was a good time, but now it’s back to training.  Got some harder intervals tomorrow and the Boulder Short Track on Wednesday.  Yeahoo!

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