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By February 6, 2008No Comments

Ok, so yes, my adrenal glands are hyperactive from the latte I’m downing before heading outside to freeze my butt off on my ride…but they are pumping extra because I know I have TWO sweet Cannondales coming in the next month. –> a mountain bike and a road bike. I haven’t had a road bike in a year and a half, so it’ll be fun to rage even faster on the roads (compared to my Scott HT mtb I’ve been riding all winter…!)

I got the Team Scalpel which is shown at the bottom of my blog and the SuperSix 3 for my road bike. Click here to check out Cannondale’s line up and get one for youself! 🙂 It’s always exciting to get a new love of your life, and now I’m getting two new ones in addition to my other new love of my life- my roommate’s juicer. Fresh OJ and carrot juice, amen. Yes, I’m in love with inanimate objects… such is the life of a bike racer.

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