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Eldora, a serving of pain straight up.

By August 23, 2008March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Tomorrow is the eighth cross-country of the Mountain States Cup. Mr. Kerkove and I headed up to Nederland to pre-ride the race course.  The course was delightfully technical, something that is sort of unusual for most XCs.  It’s nice that this mountain bike race actually tests something a little more than fitness.  Admittedly, I’m a little gun-shy on the descents after my crash of shame last week.  I was riding the DH pretty defensively instead of letting go of the brakes and droppin’ like it’s hot. Yes, my Cannondale Scalpel will be the majesty of pain.  My front shock is kinda sorta broken, but it’ll work good enough for tomorrow.  I’m definitely going to make sure it’s in pristine condition before the Dakota 5-0 next weekend.
Yes! time to rage some XC!


Giddy up, Kerkove!


Grrrrr.  Stop takin’ my picture!


Yeah! Git it!

Looking forward to breathing in the fresh, cool Roosevelt National Forest air in the morning…. (at a high respiratory rate)  🙂

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