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Eldora XC

By July 4, 2006No Comments


Yeah, I seem to be having issues with DFL this year. At Iron Horse I was just rotten and at Eldora, I cramped till there was no tomorrow. The course was actually really fun– good climbs, lots of roots, some fast descending. We were to do three laps. I was a little concerned because I felt so horrible during my warm-up. However, at the start, I felt pretty good. The race started off with a climb. I felt like I was going fast l and was inside the top 10 till the top of all the climbs. The next lap, I noticed my hips started feeling weird. Going up the climb the second time, I realized my legs were not hurting at all and my hips were cramping so bad I couldn’t push my legs. The cramps moved into my lower back and then down my IT band. My goal was just to pedal my bike. I got passed by some of the sport men(my nemisis) and by everyone in my field. I did the second lap a whopping 6-7 minutes slower than my first lap. I tried to pull it together on the third lap, but every time I pushed it, the cramps came back. I just tried to keep a positive attitude and enjoy what I was doing. I came in DFL, but you know what? It’s not that bad because the next 3 people in front of me, really were only a minute or two ahead. Not bad for going so slow! That the first time I really cramped in a race, and I learned to drink drink drink the night before. I learned in the short track to be more agressive. It was a good weekend and I definitely learned a lot.

I got sick yesterday which sucks, but hopefully I’ll be all better really soon. I HATE that I am all messed up right before a national. bahhhhhh

I’m getting a little stressed because I leave for Deer Valley Thursday, which is only TWO days away. It’s going to be really fun, but I hope I get everything done before then. Working in Denver makes it really hard, b/c I have errands to do. By the time I get home from work, the places I need to go to are closed. I just want to be a bum!!! Maybe someday… I just need a tin can to live in down by the river.

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