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and I’m not talking about the kind you get from a steaming cup of java bean extraction. I’m talking about renewable energy. I don’t talk about my “civilian” life too much, but 30 hours a week, I work as a solar design engineer. I design solar electric systems for commercial and residential systems alike. Our company has been upgrading the website, and there’s some cool stuff on there so I figure I will share it.
Standard Renewable Energy home page

Colorado office

Energy calculator This thing is pretty sweet.

Be conscious of your usage so more of my precious pine trees don’t die because the winters are not cold enough here in CO. I like the Rocky Mountains rocky, but I like my trees too. 🙂 “I thought the rocky mountains would be rockier than this! That John Denver is full of shit!” It’s as easy as buying compact fluorescents (CFLs) and you’ll have more money for lattes. 🙂 From a blog I used to update.

Tomorrow- off to Sol Vista to race the State Championships! Wish me happy legs. 🙂


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