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Todd Sadow founded Epic Rides in 1999 and produced the inaugural 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo with 176 participants in attendance. Since then, Epic Rides has grown into one of the most successful mountain bike event promotion companies in North America.  The Epic Rides event portfolio includes six diverse venues in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Arkansas that draw from a regional base with world-wide attendees to accent the more than 8,500 participants and 60,000 general attendees annually. The Epic Rides business model is simple. Provide the customer with an experience above and beyond anything they have grown to expect from the events industry; our events aren’t just a race, they are life-changing. 


24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Whiskey Off-Road Grand Junction Off-Road Carson City Off-Road Oz Trails Off-Road Tour of the White Mountains  

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how it started
  • how Epic Rides evolves and adds races
  • scaling a race production company
  • attracting newbies and course difficulty level
  • choosing race locations and community
  • staying in the lane of mountain biking
  • equal payout, large prize purse, and why pros are valuable to the sport
  • USA Cycling/UCI and Ironman commentary
  • Ebikes, sponsorships, and party atmosphere
  • Listener Questions

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