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Ever ridden 24 hours in a cyclone?

By October 11, 2008March 22nd, 201713 Comments

I haven’t, but there are many (like Andrew Carnizzle and some of my Sobe peeps (Nina and Becca)) who are currently admitting a thick coating of dust into their lungs at a rate of a play on Broadway full of people in NYC. The folks racing the 24 Hours of Moab right now have front row seats to some epic, unforgiving wind. With a constant wind of 30-40 mph and gusts up to about 70 mph, conditions are less than ideal. Couple that with blowing dirt so dominant that it covers everything in a matter of seconds and you have a “fun” day.

You know you’re in a bike friendly town when hotels advertise a “bike wash.”


How windy was it?  Ask the five dudes who had to lift up this blown over motorcycling.

My peeps!

Jeff and I were working for part of the day until we were literally hanging from the top of the Ergon tent to keep it from blowing away. Several 10 x 20 tents had been lifted off the ground and blown away, so we were very nervous. Lots of cool kats were excited to check out the Ergon product. In fact, we were installing grips on the spot. “Do you want to take your old grips with you?” They would reply, “nah! I won’t be needing them anymore.” That’s right! We are going to head back in the morning when our eyes and the rest of our crevices won’t be caked with dirt.


“Organic” display


Wahh. I don’t wike the wind!

Yesterday after the drive, Jeff and I tackled Amasa-Back trail. It’s definitely a different style of riding from Colorado singletrack. 🙂








Taking it all in.


Dude… it’s like, the desert.






  • Amanda says:

    I know the feeling of the wind! I’m in Grand Junction right now for some collegiate racing action. There’s definitely a dirt storm rolling through. Crazy stuff!! Have fun!!

  • Jay says:

    Are those ergons in dark green? I haven’t seen those ones before….

  • Jay says:

    hmm yeah on second though that could just be sand…

  • Guitar Ted says:

    You know, if it takes FIVE guys to pull a motorcycle up offa its side, there is something just waaaay wrong there!

    Try to gently remind the delicate Jeff that we have had winds like that most of his life here in Iowa. 🙂

    How soon we forget! Ha ha!

  • Jeni says:

    Looks like you 2 are having a fun time, despite the ridiculous winds! 🙂

  • Blue says:

    oh yeah! when we were there last summer it was perfect. 107 degrees and calm.

    hope you’re having a good time! moab is definitely “bike friendly”.

    you should probably tie some weights around kerkove’s ankles so his skinny ass doesn’t blow away. 🙂

  • Jason says:

    That one pic of Jeff looks like he should be in a JC Penny’s underwear ad. I mean not that I look at that sh*t or anything.

  • cynthia says:

    yikes…wind with all that sand – that sounds brutal…

    amasa back…i’m jealous.

    I LOVE the riding down that entrance at the beginning of the trail…rock steps = YUMMY!!!

  • Zoo says:

    Wow, looks so foreign compared to the North East.

  • eayste says:

    Wonderful pictures. Makes me want to visit Moab even more.
    Looks like your having fun!

  • Brian Stevens says:

    Looks like you had some fun from Jeff’s Videos. Did you enjoy riding at Moab? Are you comming up to the Fort for some Moutain biking this week?

  • Sonya says:

    Guitar Ted – Lotus Flower Kerkove denies Iowa wind.

    Jeni – we’re ALWAYS having fun. 🙂 Well, I am anyway. 🙂 How was you and Matt’s ride?

    Blue – you’re my BOY! There were small children hanging from Jeff’s ankles to ground him… wearing superman hats.

    Brian – I like riding in Moab, but it’s definitely not my first choice if you could ask me my favorite place to go ride. I much prefer mountains and dirt. Moab is a cool place b/c it’s different, but blasphemy! Slickrock ain’t my thing… I’ll be up in the Fort this weekend, yes sir.

  • was good to finaly meet yah! At a thift store in Moab saw a leather Ergon green mini skirt but I didn’t know what size and the panic the overcame me was overwelming….

    So it’s still there…..

    Anyhoo cool to meet yah maybe soon can pedal with yah some

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