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Exploration ride/last day in Germany

By August 10, 2010March 22nd, 2017No Comments

As I sit here typing, my room looks like a disaster. There is barely a walking path, tons of boxes and bags open and exploding with STUFF. I think I have too much stuff and most of it consists of bike related gear and boxes and boxes of school books from my many years in college (and more coming!) I *should* be unburying myself, but instead, I want to look back on 2 days ago and share some photos of a ride I did in Koblenz. Yes, I moved the DAY before leaving for Germany so I came back to a room with boxes! My ride in Koblenz was wonderfully aimless. I sort of just started following the river with no plan, and when I saw dirt or paths, I’d diverge and ride them…and try not to get lost. It was a relaxing day and for whatever reason, I felt completely light-hearted- more than usual!

Riding in Germany reminds me a lot of riding in Oregon. Very lush and moist but around Koblenz, no rugged mountains. I guess that’s what the Alps are for and I want to race Trans Alp next year. We’ll see :)

I took Monday and Tuesday completely off (and also Thursday for travel) so I did not take my 2 hour ride for granted on Wednesday.


The vineyards (I’m guessing for white wine but I think white wine has some red grapes actually) nestled in the hillsides. There was something very romanticized about these small German towns – like something you would read in a novel.


A bit windy!

I remember seeing this crazy tall bridge last time I was in Germany. I think it might be one of the tallest bridges in the world!

Yummy. Dirt.

I randomly came upon this small town after taking what kind of looked like a trail up the side of a hill. It was called Dieblich.




Green canopy.


The end! I have one more post on Germany to get done. It was such a great trip!!

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