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Fall is back!

By November 3, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

I went for a fun ride today with with Monsieur Kerkove. Despite a 7 mile run yesterday, I was very happy that I could keep up. Of course I was going harder than he was, but at least I didn’t get dropped! It was 70F today too. YES!

It’s exciting to see my running fitness improve. I’m also going to dust off my tennis racket and play some tennis in the next couple of weeks. Yeahoo!

Here is a video compilation that Jeff made.

Base miles on the mtb from Jeff Kerkove on Vimeo.

We just rode out to Horsetooth Park and played around a little bit totaling a 2.5 hour ride. There were a bizillion kids in the park making things funny. I gave them high fives. Some of them asked me if I knew Lance Armstrong. haha

And a few pictures of Jeff the Kerkove. What’s a Kerkove, anyway?


Horsetooth Reservoir

Halloween ended up turning into an afterthought. My roommate coaxed me out of the house. I made up a costume at the last second, which is not super original – just pulled out my tennis racket and tennis skirt. The party people on the street decided I was Andre Agassi on crystal meth. Ok, I can handle that for one night!

I was starting bar fights with sumos. Just kidding!

My roommate, Brad, was a hula girl. He got more attention than me! YEAH BUDDY! Good on ya!

Structured training starts after riding a bunch and camping in Moab this weekend. It’s going to be super fun! Warm sun and singletrack – just what the doctor ordered!



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