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If you have no time to cook or just hate cooking, here’s a fast, healthy meal you can make. I polled my readers and some of the biggest challenges people have are grocery shopping, meal prep, and snacking.

I wrote a long-form article addressing how to make healthy eating easier. One of my tips is to have a few fast, healthy meal options in your back pocket so when hunger strikes you’ll be ready. If you want a quick meal to make, here’s our favorite. What other fast and easy meals can you think of for your pantry and freezer?

If you hate cooking or just don’t really have much time, you can still eat healthily!  The fastest and easiest is a whole grain like rice or farro (or even a tortilla), a can of beans, your favorite salsa, avocado, and a squeeze of lime. ⁠

⁠Want to get a little fancier but still fast and easy? This is our favorite quickie:⁠

✔️ whole grain pasta (this is farro pasta!)⁠

✔️ cube and saute tofu in 3 tablespoons tamari⁠

✔️ 1 jar of your favorie pasta sauce (we love Puttanesca)⁠

✔️ throw some greens on top – we use arugula⁠

⁠Done.  You can check off your list for the day: whole grains, beans (tofu counts!), greens + cruciferous (arugula), + veggies (sauce). ⁠ If you’re looking to join a community that loves healthy eating or to learn more about plant-based eating, I have you covered!

What other foods can you add-in to your diet to optimize your health? My favorite app is the Daily Dozen from It has 12 different foods to try to eat every day to optimize health and longevity.

Another tip is doubling each meal you make so that it lasts longer (or you can freeze it and enjoy it later!)

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