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By February 12, 2014One Comment

My new obsession!  I have been wanting to get into fatbiking, especially living in Colorado for 9 winters and more recently in BC this winter.  Where there are stunning mountains and great summer mountain biking, there is also snow in the winter.  I got my hands on a Fatback on Friday. I haven’t been able to leave it alone.

Fresh out of the box, I had to go for a spin before taking her on trails the next morning.  I’ve been riding it every day. It doesn’t matter how cold. It was 7F over the weekend. Today? 35F and it felt balmy.

Today was a powder day. A day where I had to learn to reduce my air pressure below 5 psi. A day where I had to push my bike because I didn’t have the coordination to smoothly break trail for prolonged periods of time in 6+inches of snow. I wasn’t upset that it was snowing today. I wasn’t even that upset to be pushing my bike here and there. Winter….is no longer dismal.

Fatbiking is fun. I still need to ride indoors a couple times a week for structured workouts, but now winter has a new meaning. A cold blanket of snow meant that I had to put the mountain bike away. Playtime on skis just isn’t the same for me. I feel like I can breathe again in winter. A type of freedom has been brought back to me. That’s what riding is: freedom.

There’s something about making your own tracks.

I’m excited to learn more about fatbiking gear, technique, and yes… racing. Fatbike racing is probably in my future for later this year!

I need to get my shoe situation sorted.

I’ve only had my new toy for a few days. I’ll be riding some other brands so I can tell the difference from one bike to another, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a favorite after learning more about Fatback’s history in Alaska.

Alaska…yes, that’s in my future too.

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