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First pavement, then dirt.

By January 7, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Greetings from the Land of Enchantment!
It was a bit windy today, but nearly as bad as it was in Boulder… so I hear!

Today was a 6 hour day on two wheels.  I put some of the Ergon GR2s made for gripshift on my bike to use this week.  They are awesome!  I haven’t used this body style of Ergon grips, and I found that they are soft, and bigger than the GX models.  It is nice for a long bike ride.


With green bar-ends… of course 🙂  Despite the wind, it was near 50 degrees by the time the afternoon rolled around.  It was 25F when I left the house this morning.  My arms actually got some sun today.


Whitie needs some sun. The first 2 hours of my ride were not so good. My body was fatigued and my heart rate was super low. After consuming about 500 calories (I had some Pop-Tarts, my special treat and some Haribo bears), my body seemed to bounce back. I felt a lot stronger and my HR went back up to normal. I don’t know exactly why that happens, but it is some weird metabolic phenomenon.

After 3 hours on the road, I hopped on the trails in the South Foothills and met one of my best buds and Cannondale rider, Nina Baum.  We did a loop in the S. Foothills, and the trail was in great shape!!


Nina is one of the first people to help me along when I was first getting into mountain biking.


We are riding again tomorrow on the trails.  She had to head back because her hub was making weird noises, and I headed to the North foothills to do a loop.  After being on the dirt for 3 hours, I headed home and filled my belly with chicken and tahini.


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