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Fishing for mojo

By July 28, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Yesterday was the first time in 7 days that I had ridden a bike.  After having a very stubborn sinus infection all last week and even being on my back for a few days, I am finally starting to feel normal again.  I finished my antibiotics on Sunday.  I was still coughing quite a bit on my ride yesterday, but today I can see improvement.  Maybe by tomorrow I’ll be 100% healthy again.  Let’s hope so, because the Laramie Enduro is coming up on Saturday.  111k or about 70  miles of fun on the mountain bike.

I had a great time in ABQ, and my car somehow made it back from the airport without acting funny. I still need to figure out why it almost broke down on the way there, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it just needs a new fuel filter. Time will tell.

It will take a few days for my legs to come back after such a prolonged time off the bike. I have been venturing on 2 hours rides up my favorite canyons in the morning before work. Both today and yesterday I saw part of a deer leg in the road.

These pretty purple flowers are lining the road sides right now. It’s actually really cool out this week and we are getting a lot of rain!

4 mile Canyon was nice and was actually humid today.

That is about it… working, riding, and trying to get back and forth between the two like a chicken on a hot stove!


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