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Flattering, I think?

By March 20, 20089 Comments

Well, I got a comment from some guy named Burt Hoovis about how Vera Carrara is going to kick my butt in a tourney.  The first question I had was, “who the heck is vera carrara”  Answer: really fast trackie.  I, of course, am partial to the dirt and rocks.  My second question was, “what the heck is the tournament?”  Read it and weep my friends.  My Halloween costume has done me in once again.  The sad thing is that he isn’t kidding.  You actually can vote.  The other sad thing is I’m in a blonde wig.  Second, if he really wants to make a tourney out of it, he better play fair and put a real photo, but I guess he has to find one first…  At least he’s matching me up to really fast girls.  Who knew?


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