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For you sports science nuts

By February 3, 20093 Comments

I am a big time nerd when it comes to physiology, especially exercise phys. related material. First Endurance has a lot of really awesome scientific articles they publish that pique(thanks to Wordnerd for the correction) my interest. Some of their products work for me, some of them don’t… but I really like their effort to educate their clientelle, or anyone who might be interested.

Click here for a very detailed, informative article on the use of carbohydrates during exercise. I like this article because it seems to be mostly unbiased and is not an outright sell saying, “USE THIS PRODUCT”, plus it is backed up by a ton of different research sources. The engineering side of me likes that. I know you can’t believe everything you read, but I liked reading it!


  • WordNerd says:

    the articles pique your interest.
    darn science majors. 😉

  • Jame says:


    I especially liked the “depletion of these carbohydrates during exercise leads to bonking” line. Everything else is so scientific and precise . . . but anybody who’s going to read that knows exactly what they’re talking about

  • Mike says:

    Excellent article. In a world of “carbs are bad” it is nice to read something with useful and scientifically based advice. I just went out and bought some new sports drink, and I made sure it had Maltodextrin in it. Mmmm maltodextrin.

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