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Fort Roll-ins

By August 22, 2008March 22nd, 20175 Comments

I made it up to Ft Collins to hang out with hottie extraordinaire and see what sort of road bikin’ Ft. Fun had to offer.  I was very surprised in that it seemed that almost all the roads had rollers.  Unless you wanted to ride the frontage road of I-25, flat is hard to come by.  (not that I am complaining and of course I’m being VERY biased from just ONE ride)  Lusting for the mountains as usual, I had to head in that direction and rode around by Horsetooth Reservoir.  Some flava flav:





YES!  I wonder if the population of 47 1/2 make the best stout beer my palette has ever encountered.  I could smell the yeast fermenting in the carboys in that trailer as I rode by. 😉

I also came across a group ride. 🙂  A lady corvette group ride.  I had to stop and take a photo.  I am partial to the yellow one.


And alas, today is a day of darkness, a day that will go down in history, the day I turn 25. 😉  It’ll be a good day – a day full of bike riding, good coffee, friends, sushi, and Southern Sun.  The weekend will be full of Eldora mountain biking.  I’m super excited about Dakota 5-0 . GIT IT!


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