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Front Range 50 prep

By May 8, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Today, Mr. Kerkove, Yuki, and I headed to Lakewood for a quick spin around the course. Most endurance races I do are one large loop. This course is 5 laps of 10 miles. I prefer the one epic loop type of races.

Theme song for my mind & body tomorrow:

Bear Creek, bitches. haha!

Topeak Ergon boyz.

Me and Yuki

The course is non-technical as far as rocks, but the singletrack is narrow and fast, and some of the turns can catch you by surprise and overshooting the turn is bad news. It will be a good course for power riders as there is no real place to let up. Just go go brahhhp brahhhp!


I’m not really nervous, but am bummed that I’m still feeling off. I think everything will open up eventually tomorrow. I just hope it’s not too late in the race, like in the Whiskey 50.

Yeaaahhh bike racing!


  • Mac says:

    You passed me yesterday 4th lap just before the big climb. Nice work and great race!

    Ergon question; I want some Ergon grips. Where do I go to make sure I get the right size?

    – Mac

  • Sonya says:

    Hey Mac! Thanks 🙂 Yeah, 4th and 5th lap were go time for me. Hope you had a good race. REI sells Ergon grips, so you can go figure out which size you like. Most people (and men) like the smalls.

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