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Fun Factor

By August 11, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I’ve been taking it easy over the last week and trying to focus on the fun factor of riding after the post CTR let down.

Step 1. Go to Steamboat!

It was lush and green, and full of flowers.








Jeff B showed me some great trails!


Step 2. Go to the wine festival.

…and pour wine for Michael David Winery! Inkblot Cab Franc and the Earthquake Zin rule.


Step 3. Take the Smoot out on his first mountain bike ride.


Step 4. Find a shoe for my bunion. Just kidding!


Then… it was off to Leadville. I’m supporting my teammates, Alban Lakata and Yuki Ikeda in the Leadville 100 on Saturday. The 6 day Breck Epic starts on Sunday, and I’ll be toeing the line!

Yesterday, we rode in Leadville. Alban’s pre-ride pace was faster than my max effort pace. AMAZING!!!

Today, we rode in Breck. JK and I stopped to look for his glasses he lost in a crash a month ago in the B-68. I somehow found them on the slope!

Looney found my glasses I lost in the B68 Marathon crash

Little French flooded this year. We went up that way to check it out. It was amazing to see how much of the trail was washed away.

Top of Little French washed away by flash flooding.

The post-CTR disappointment is getting easier… but very very slowly. Moving forward, but not able to forget (and already talking about “next year”)

II’ll be doing my best to report daily from the Breck Epic!!! Looking forward to it!

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