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By January 16, 20093 Comments

Today was an event on Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, CO. The Prana store has everything half off, and a “garage sale” downstairs where shirts are 5 bucks and pants are 10 bucks. I am a Prana brand hor, so you bet your booty I was there. Their pants fit me really well – most girl pants are made for ladies with teeny tiny quads. Seeing that my former gym nickname was Quadzilla, you can see how this is a problem for me. The pants are made for ladies with more muscular tendencies, and they look great and stylish!!

So. I was in the communal fitting room (it was so packed in there, they needed to do that) and there was a divider between men and women. I laughed to myself. The women were all talking saying things like, “Does this make my butt look big? How does this look? Are my boobs too small to wear this shirt?” Then I tuned into the men’s side. It surprised me that they were conversing – so many guys are homophobes, so chatting with strangers when you are half dressed might be uncomfortable to some. I heard things like, “The crotch on these pants might hang down too low for my climbing harness, I wonder if this material is durable enough” etc. I love hearing gender differences and laughing. 😀


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