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Gearing up!

By March 8, 2008No Comments

First off, I’ll say I’m very excited to be a new face on! Thanks to Curtis Zimmerman for designing my site and getting it up and running. So what have I been up to?

March is the time of year where sponsorship goodies start pouring in only to get my more fired up about the upcoming race season. Last week, my Cannondale Team Scalpel came in the mail. I was as giddy as a school girl at the sight of it and couldn’t wait to take it on its maiden voyage. Big Ring is the bike shop that I work with. They are based out of Golden, CO ( Thanks to those guys for doing a super job and saving me the trouble of assembling my bike. Now I know it won’t fall apart on me halfway through the season! 🙂 Like any bike geek, I wanted to weigh my bike. 21.7 lbs with no pedals. The lightest full suspension I have ever owned!




Cool bikes make me happy! 🙂

Unfortunately, it has been snowing here about once a week so there really is no place to go mountain biking. I’m heading to Albuquerque on Thursday to see what my sweet new ride is made of. I love going back and riding the trails that I first went mountain biking on. Those were the days…my 40 lb, 300 dollar full suspension that I thought was the coolest thing ever.

My road bike is also on the way and I’ll be picking that up THIS WEEK! I got a Cannondale SuperSix 3. I haven’t done much road racing, but Nina and I may head to Tour of the Gila in May. The last time I did that, I was on a 20 lb road bike with little experience so it’ll be fun to see how it goes this time.

I ‘m getting a bike fit at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine this year. Last year, I got a Wobblenaught fit. My nerdy engineering side is looking forward to examining the difference between the two fits, the general procedure, and learning new biomechanics stuff from the pros. 🙂

I’m starting to get a little nervous about my debut for the season- Nova Norba National. It’s always a little unnerving to have my FIRST race of the year be a national, but hey, might as well dive in head first. I’ve been a little frustrated with my training lately. I’m teetering on the edge of being overtrained and have been trying to start some intensity this month. Some days I go out and feel like a freakin’ rock star, and others I go out and am extremely frustrated because I can’t get my heart rate up, and I have to turn around and go home. It’s definitely tricky to push your body to the limit where you actually get faster, or to push it over the limit where you actually get slower. I have been doing this for five years and I’m still constantly learning about my body.

I am also starting to phase gluten and dairy out of my diet, and have limited myself to about 2 beers a week (yes, I know there is gluten in it, but I live in Colorado, home of the best beers…it’s not fun to totally cut it out. I did that last year). It’s time to go from the softer, happy, off-season body to emaciated, farmers tan, T-rex race season body. It’s always fun to see the change.

Oh yes, and as promised, here are a few photos from when my cousin was here a couple weeks ago. Bear with me for this post…I’m trying to decide the best format for posting photos with this new editor.

My cousin Sierra, and her finacee, Scott.

No, you’re not seeing double!  😉  People often ask us if we are sisters and I am always flattered to hear that.



Pretty much the essence of Sierra and I- always laughing and having a good time

See ya next time!  Time to go ride!

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