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By March 6, 2010March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Well, I finally got around to downloading a couple of my HR files from 24 Hours of Old Pueblo. I know some of us geek out on this stuff, so here we go:

lap 1
Lap 1. Solid, hard, XC type effort. Executed nicely

lap 2 with flat
Lap 2 (night lap) Started really well. You can see how the HR at the end dips down. That is what happens to your HR when you get a flat tire, you have to stop, and you have to go slow and baby it for the rest of the lap.

lap 3, bonk
Lap 3. This is what happens when you bonk because you were eating too much in between laps and have a brick in your stomach, but no blood sugar!

I’ve honestly been in sort of a funk this week. My body doesn’t seem to want to let me train which is frustrating, considering last week and the week before were pretty light weeks in terms of training. I guess stress is really wearing on me.

My training objectives on my rides were having to switch to that of recovery and going home. I know what happens when I don’t listen to my body! At least I could enjoy the view.



I got up to ski at Loveland yesterday. It was by far the coldest day on that mountain in awhile. They even shut down the 9 chair (the one that goes to the divide) due to wind and snow. I’ve been trying to work on my technique so I can ski the harder stuff with more confidence. Maybe I just need my friends to hook me up to one of these! 🙂

Today is a brand new day for brand new opportunities, and hopefully a good training day.

Spring is coming….


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