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By January 14, 2009March 22nd, 20179 Comments

I am trying to take my recovery week seriously. After 2 days off the bike, I headed out for a 1.5 hour recovery ride today. Rest days are almost a bittersweet thing for me. It’s nice to have free time and whatnot, but it always takes awhile to get my legs going again after a couple days of NOT turning the pedals. It was evident that I just finished a lot of miles due to the fatigue and grumpy status of my mood, but at least it wasn’t too cold, and the snow from Monday had melted off the roads!

It was very clear and the Flatirons looked like a painted backdrop. I always think of the Truman show when he comes to the end of the “set” in the movie which is the ocean and horizon.

I rode the Cannondale road bike today. I am ashamed to say that it actually had a few cobwebs on it!! That’s not necessarily a bad thing considering the discipline I focus on, but I don’t like to neglect my beautiful road bike!

I stuck to flat, straight roads today, and made sure to pedal at high RPMs and not to push too hard. My knee and foot are on the mend, but they are still fragile.

Sponsorship schwag is starting to roll in and I’m more excited than a 2 year old that woke her parents up at 4 AM to see what Santa brought. Crank Brothers is a sponsor this year. I LOVE their products and have used them ever since I started riding. I just need bikes to put these pedals on now… The eggbeaters have always been my weapon of choice. I even have the first pair I ever got 6 years ago, and they still work.
I also have some new CB clothes to add to my collection. I bought some Crank Brothers T Shirts at Sea Otter last year b/c they rock!!

Other than working the last 2 days, I met my friend Kim for Happy Hour at a new bar I have never tried. We went to Q Bar where drinks and apps were half off. It was a really cool place – a bit fancy, but cool. I usually do not order Merlots, but I am beginning to like them more and more. We drank this kind and I was very impressed with the taste. It was bursting with flavor and was fruity.

The remaining work days this week will have recovery rides, and if I’m feeling up for it this weekend, I’ll try to hang with the Oval Ride on Saturday. I won’t do the whole ride since I’m not supposed to ride that long, but it’ll be cool to check out provided my knee is 90%+ and I am not wasted tired.


  • Brian Stevens says:


    Did you get a new handle bar for your road bike?

    And have you seen the movie sideways?

    My favorite quote from that movie “I’m not talking f#@*ing Merlot!”

    Sorry, had to say it…..

  • Sonya says:

    Nope, not yet. I am too poor to buy a handlebar(they are like 150+, even with prodeal for the good ones), so I’ll have to deal with it for at least a few months.

    I have seen the movie Sideways. What is up with their obsession with Pinot Noir. I have had very few good Pinot Noirs… why spend the cash on that if most of the time the berries weren’t quite right.

  • brian stevens says:

    it really all comes down to taste. My wife is a culinary school grad and former pasty chef from vail and has tasted lots of wine.She tells me a lot of it comes down to what you are going to eat with the wine and pesonal taste. Pinot’s have lots of complexitys and smoothness if you find the right ones. Jigsaw from oregon is really good for the money. I like tuscan wines, my wife likes bordeaux’s for balance and smoothness. Try to find a liquor store that has writen reviews on for the wines. Pringle’s here in fort collins is good.

    Yeah handle bars can be expensive, maybe try some of the padding under the bar tape.

  • sonya says:

    I have my bars double wrapped already. It’s all good! I don’t always eat with wine. I like to sip it as a cocktail, after dinner drink, or anytime really. 🙂

  • Reed says:

    How is the knee? How are you holding up? Did you get some work done on you yet? How is your kineseotaping working?

  • sonya says:

    Hi Reed! I am getting a student massage at Boulder College of Massage tomorrow. I am not doing any taping b/c I don’t want to tape it wrong and mess it up. Knee still hurts, but not earth shattering pain. Hope you are having fun in Silver City!!

  • Vu says:

    So lucky to get your team swag now, we don’t get our stuff till mid February. Cutting pretty close since our first race is at the beginning of March. Hopefully your knee injury is only a minor setback in your training.

  • Sonya says:

    Vu, don’t feel bad. We probably won’t be getting kits or bikes till March or April….

  • Vu says:

    Yikes, that is a long time to wait. We had to wait for our stuff to come around that same time last year too.
    Only reason we are getting our stuff in earlier is that we opted out not to get custom team paint jobs on our bikes.

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