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Do you ever feel like you are losing focus and can’t find the energy to do what needs to be done? 

Charles Clay is a published author, dynamic speaker, men’s empowerment coach, breathwork facilitator, and more! He joined me to talk about his Laser Focus Method and ways to best utilize your energy.

Founder of M Powered Men’s Group Training and Mastermind, Charles helps men and women understand and heal aches, pains and injuries in order to experience more joy, love and creativity. He helps people conquer anxiety and subconscious blocks in order to manifest their dream lives.

His desire to do this work started after sustaining a devastating back injury while snowboarding. Instead of the doctor’s recommendation to have spinal surgery, Charles began a self-healing journey. He combined ancient healing practices and eastern philosophy with modern day science and Neurokinetic therapy to allow for optimal healing and wellness.

In this podcast, Charles not only talks about healing, energy, and focus, but also keeping commitments and self-trust.

Celebrate those wins! Healthy celebrations are so key. I feel like especially in our American society, we accomplish a goal and it’s like, okay what’s next? Where’s the next finish line? Where’s the next goal? It’s like, hold on a minute. Let’s enjoy and embrace this moment of really holding your agreement of accomplishing this goal. How would you like to celebrate that?

Charles Clay

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Emotional intelligence
  • How to match energy to emotions
  • The Laser Focus Method
  • Keeping commitments to yourself
  • Self-trust muscle
  • Celebrating wins


Listen Now to Get Laser Focused with Charles Clay



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