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Well, after my sad DNF last weekend, I took 4 solid days off. No exercise, no bike commuting, no running, no yoga. My body always feels worse during prolonged rest, but every so often, you have to do it! All these random aches and pains show up from inactivity.

I finally got back on the bike yesterday, just in time for our multi-day rainstorm here in the Front Range. It’s a misconception that your legs will feel great after rest. In fact, they usually feel horrible and it takes a few days to get the train moving again. Yesterday was my inaugural ride up in Nederland (I love riding the West Mag/Eldora trails) and it definitely felt like I had a few days off. It was so beautiful. The forest smelled so fresh with the rain that I didn’t even care that my legs felt powerless. I tried not to roam too far in the back country because I forgot my rain jacket, and there was light rain for my whole ride. It was one of those days where it all worked out! The trail was tacky but not muddy and I was in love with the singletrack. I even found some trails I have only ridden once.

It was amazingly green up there. The contrast from brown to bright green made everything seem mystical.

The downpour started about 10 minutes out from the car. I can’t go mountain biking and not get dirty. C’mon! It was invigorating and I was laughing out loud alone in the rain by the time I got back to the car.

I’m still battling with my blisters. Thursday was the first day I could walk kind of normal and not look like I was trying to do the funky chicken. I still can’t run or go to yoga, and the pounding on a mountain bike definitely is uncomfortable, but time will heal the wounds on my arches and I’ll soon forget.

YUMMY. haha. Sorry… I know this is really gross.

Now you’re probably thinking this:

The fenders are strapped on my road bike. Time to go play in the rain again and make attempt number 2 to get my legs moving… I wish the trails were rideable so I could go play in the mud!


  • Greg says:

    Love the third photo in the set, I need to get up there
    before that magical look is gone. I have a hard time
    heading out in the rain for a ride but it usually ends
    up being a memorable ride most times unless it’s just a

  • electric says:

    I know it’s hard to keep a foot wound clean but, that blister looks a bit infected, particularly the red tendril leaving it that is usually a bad sign. If you run a slight fever(general ache and pain not injury related) get thee to an infirmary. Not trying to alarm you – i’m no doctor – but things can get outta hand. Keep changing the bandages, antibacterial every few hours and hope that sucker heals. 🙂

  • Find some “second skin” or whatever the american version is (google it) and cover the blister with that to protect it. Second skin is used for treating burns patients and dumb a$$ roadies who crash and tear a chunk out.

    The Bear

  • Paul says:

    Girl you need to get one of those “Band Aid” things that is like a second skin covering, that will draw out the infection and heal while covered, amaizing thinga-ma- jig. You need your feet to peddle, yo!

  • sonya says:

    Thanks everyone, I was actually doing all the above. 🙂 This was in between bandage changes, but it actually is looking pretty normal and good! That 2nd skin stuff is pretty weird, but works well!

  • bobbles says:

    So when that nasty blister heals up… I’ve always had terrible blisters on my feet when I would go hiking or backpacking but the way I absolutely solved them was to take a piece of white medical tape ($2 at Walgreens) and put it on the spot that blisters consistently. Problem solved!

  • Lonnie Hoggard says:

    When treating burns, topical vitamins like topical vitamin-c and topical vitamin-E can really help a lot. ^

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