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Getting back to it!

By September 1, 2012March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I’ve been cast free for just over a week!  When I first got my cast off, I was concerned because my wrist was pretty sore.  Over time, it has rapidly improved.  I still have to wear a brace when I ride trail simply to protect it in case I crash due to the fact that it’s still weak.

The things I missed the most other than riding singletrack was playing my guitar and going to yoga.  A few days after I got my cast off, I reinstated my membership at Yoga Pod.   I have to avoid arm balance type stuff for probably another week, but I’m slowly coming around.  It felt so great to be back in yoga.  I’m a busy body, and I missed that hour where I could just be there.  I love the quote “Focus less on getting there and more on being here.”  I also am really bad about stretching if I don’t go to yoga (and even worse with a busted wrist).  Cycling is very 2D as far as the plane of movement.  It felt so good to move in 3D, to make some space in my sidebody and my hips.  Cyclists, runners, and desk jockeys have insanely tight hips… I wrote a post on hip openers earlier this year.  I’m going to repost it soon.

I am racing the Dakota Five-0 tomorrow!  I’m so excited to race singletrack!  I have only raced once since BC Bike Race (July 7) and that was Leadville!  I am super fired up to just ride.  I also have only ridden my 29er on trail maybe 4-5 times.  It’ll be great to race it on trail and really get a feel for how it handles at race pace on a trail.  The trails in Black Hills, South Dakota are so amazing!!  I rode this race in 2008.  It was actual my gateway drug to endurance racing.  I had been racing Pro xC for years (at a very mediocre level).  I came to this race, and I haven’t been an XC racer since!  It’ll be fun to ride the course that brought me over to the endurance side… the side I love…and the side that has morphed into a crazy beast!!!


Look for my race report on Monday or Tuesday!  My face hurt from smiling while riding some of the trail today, so I think I’ll have a lot of good things to say!  I bet it’ll be even better than I remember!

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