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It’s only a couple days away! Here is a quick recap from last year’s race.  The Growler is super tough, but also fun.  It has some very technical sections, a lot of climbing, and also butterfly in tummy inducing singletrack sections.  Last year, it rained the whole time.  This year – SUNSHINE!  I also took a look at the women’s start list.  There will definitely be some very strong women there pushing me to ride my best!

I’m finally re-adjusting to being back on my “normal” schedule and trying to wake up my body for the race.  This Wednesday, I did my first Boulder Short Track of the year (this is my 5th year frequenting this fun Wed night race (and training) series).  It’s always a lot of fun and a great, intense workout.  I usually race these for training.  My goal at these things is to get the hole-shot (first into the singletrack) and see how long I can hold on.  I was definitely feeling the altitude and my traveling!!  I was able to be first into the singletrack, but it wasn’t long before I was overtaken:  I don’t have the code to embed, but you can click here for a video.  I slowly started going backwards in the race, and held on for 5th.  Not happy with that result, but I wasn’t expecting anything big.  My goal for the day was accomplished- SUFFER and get the blood pumping.   …and I didn’t disappoint.  Short track socks have been my “thing” for a really long time, and Wednesday was no different.  A few pics:


We are heading to Gunnison tomorrow.  I am going out on a limb and racing the hardtail. Hope I don’t regret it!  Time to go take some more Acid Zapper and FRS, and spin my legs out! Game on!

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