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Ghetto Bike Wash

By March 14, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Ah winter, or I guess now – early spring. Ahhh, early spring – a time where the snow starts to melt, the sun peeks its lazy rays out of the clouds and starts to melt all the snow. Dirt roads, trails, snow on the road. That means one thing – a very dirty bike on a daily basis and a drive train that could sound like a broken cement mixer.

Apartment living is not a very “hose” friendly environment, and daily trips to the car wash at $2.75 a pop can add up fast. Besides, I’d rather spend it on a cappuccino! Before a race, I definitely spring for the car wash. Daily? Well, I take it to the ghetto bike wash. That’s right. Front door service, meaning right outside my front door.

All you need is a mixing bowl (multi-purpose for holding soapy water and making cookies, but not at the same time), a rag, and a water bottle… oh, and leave your perfectionism at the door. If you’re feeling spiffy, bring your Simple Green or Pedro’s Green Bike Wash.


Sad and dirty. Did I mention the new Canyon frames are supposedly coming in next week? (Well, the hard tail anyway)

Dump soapy water on the bike. Refill bowl with more soap water.

Wipe ‘er down… use bowl and bottle for the tough spots.

Rinse thoroughly, lube it up, and then go get it dirty all over again!

Refresh with an FRS Spritzer (1-2 shots of FRS + sparkling mineral water)

As you might have guessed, I just got back from Seattle yesterday. My quick recap will be up soon, but for now… going to recharge my CNS with some yoga!

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