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Gila, Stage 5 (final stage)

By May 8, 2006No Comments

Yesterday was the last day of the Gila. If you didn’t see me in the results for the crit, they messed up and gave me a DNF. A course marshall waved me off the course and that wasn’t supposed to happen. Apparently I was supposed to get a few more laps. Oh well. I’m just glad they let me race on day 5 and they are going to try and figure out my time in the crit. I was glad to finish the race although it had been fun. All of the women in contention for the GC were very close, so from the get go, the pack was flying. I managed to make it through a couple attacks, but before the sprint line, there was a furious attack and a lot of people started getting dropped. I chased for a long time in the caravan, and the people in the caravan were really sweet and kept cheering for me. I would almost catch the pack on the descent and flats, but they would attack going up the rollers and I had no legs left after riding mostly solo for 5 days. I caught up with a girl on Cheerwine, Sarah Bamberaer, and we tried to chase the pack. I rode with her for awhile, but she was pretty exhausted from working for her team and couldn’t pull. She told me to go on because she couldn’t sit on my wheel any longer. I debated just chilling with her, but she told me she was going to drop out at the feed zone. I rode 50 miles alone yesterday. Doing that every day was definitely starting to take its toll. It was encouraging to hear Sarah tell me that I was definitely strong enough to hang with the pack, I just need to learn how to be in better position rather than on the back all the time. I had a good time yesterday riding through the valley and was looking forward to climbing Sapillo. I passed some 40+ guys on the climb. I was passing the signs, 15 miles to go, 10 miles to go, 5 miles to go, 1km to go…so close to being done with the Gila. Around 200 m to go, I heard a motorcycle and it was the leaders of the men’s pro field. They made me pull over to the side of the road for about 30 seconds until the lead group passed. There were 7 of us who got dropped yesterday and couldn’t catch back on. Only 2 of us finished the day. I got second to last in the stage. In the overall GC, I got DFL. Adam tells me not to think of it as last since over the course of the week, 20 people dropped out. Every time someone behind me quit, I’d be like, “DANG IT! I don’t want to be last!” haha I partially solved my foot problems. I cut slits in the sides of my road shoes and it helped a little. I had a great time over the week and met some really cool, new people. All I can say is next year, I’m not making Gila my 3rd race of the year. I’m showing up fit and ready to git it!!

Now that my 5 days of physical anguish are over, I’m about to start 5 days of mental anguish. My professor is going to email me my take home exam sometime today. BOOOO I can’t wait get it over with. I just hope i pass the class. Next up is Whiskey Off-Road Challenge. I’m resting up during the week and will hopefully be flying by the weekend. They have a 25 mile and 50 mile course. I really want to do the 50, but will have to see how I’m feeling. It’s in Prescott, Arizona. I cannot wait to go and camp for a few nights. That’s one of my favorite things about bike racing. CAMPING!

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