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Gila time!!

By April 28, 20082 Comments

I have been enjoying the last couple of days in Albuquerque with my family. It’s nice and warm here, finally!! I got here on Saturday and my dad and I went to a car show. Yes, I have neglected to bring my camera cord again, so photos for all of my posts will magically appear a week later. Yesterday I went for a recovery ride down on the Bosque bike path by the river with some very good company, and have been enjoying the home life. Unfortunately, I think I am getting sick. I have felt totally exhausted with a sore throat the last couple of days. I’m really hoping I feel better soon. It’s not exactly ideal to go into a 5 day stage race feeling like poo, but I’ll push through it I hope. I get 2 weeks off from racing after this, so my body just needs to hold out a little bit longer! Instead of racing in the coming weeks, I’m going camping with Liz and going to my cousin’s wedding in Dallas. Yaaay! A break at last. 🙂

Nina and are jetting out of here tomorrow morning down to Silver City. Check back for race updates. Hopefully I’ll have good news!!


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