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By July 21, 2006March 22nd, 2017One Comment

As Phil Ligget would say, “LOOK AT THE FACE OF THIS MAN!” Floyd Landis is my new favorite bike racer. First, he has such a positive attitude. In Stage 16, Floyd, in yellow, totally bonked and detonated, lost 10 minutes on the leader of the race, and had to face nagging questions from reporters. Cycling news- “Suddenly, Maillot Jaune Landis went out the back, the Phonak man clearly out of gas and having blown sky-high.” The site of him going backwards was too painful to watch and I had to turn it off. The reporters asked him if he was feeling disappointed. He just claimed he had a bad day and that “I just wanted to come down here and smile for you guys.” If you refer to one of my previous posts, note his quote about smiling. Before stage 17: “I don’t expect to win the Tour at this point,” said Landis after his ride yesterday. “It’s not easy to get back eight minutes. But I’m gonna fight, because you never know what’s going to happen next.”Then, stage 17, he was off the front for the majority of the mountain stage. He caught the attack group and rode them off his wheel soloing in for the win and making up all but 19 seconds on the maillot jaune. ‘I could at least show them that I could keep fighting’ My only complaint for the stage was that Phil Ligget was not commentating. There was dead silence as Landis crossed the line. booooo commentators. you suck.

Floyd’s attitude is so inspiring- never ever give up, and smile regardless of how bad it is. Tomorrow is the TT. Go Floyd.

One Comment

  • tsp says:

    ahahahahaha, is he still your favourite cyclist? i don’t care if the “B” test is clean, he’s stained for life. that miraculous recovery is super sketchy.

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