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Going to Snowmass Norba National tomorrow….stay tuned.

By August 10, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I forgot to write about Winter Park! It was a really fun course, pretty low key race. We got to do two 9.1 mile laps with a decent amount of climbing, and ripping fast descending! I think I may have broken through on the descending at this race and finally have some confidence. The first lap did not go well for me. I felt really just stale and couldn’t get my heart rate up. I hardly rode after 24 hr nationals, and I guess I didn’t go hard enough the day before or something. I was feeling pretty discouraged about it all, telling myself I’m not racing anymore this year, etc. I decided to push it on the descent and had fun. Then, miraculously, I felt good on the climb on the second lap. I caught most of the experts who started their race about 7 min before I came through for my second. At the crest of the climb, I saw second place right up the road. I was in disbelief and excited that I actually caught back on with how horrible my first lap went. I passed her on the descent, but she was on me the whole way down, pushing my limits. It was good. She passed me at the bottom of the descent, but then there was a sharp turn onto some rolly, technical singletrack in the woods. I put the hurt on her there and gained a minute in probably less than half a mile, coming in for second place. It was exciting and fun!!! the only thing that took away from it was my seat bag opened during the race and I lost my tube, tire levers, CO2 adapter/cartridges, chain tool….that’s like 40 dollars worth of stuff. DANG IT.

After the race, we ate lunch in Idaho Springs at this pizza place…Beau something. We were all famished after the race and the pizza took…count it… FIFTY minutes to arrive. We were not happy, and our waitress was pretty unfriendly as well. Maybe she hated me b/c I was pimping it with 6 dudes, or maybe she just hated pizza. I’ll never know.

I leave tomorrow for Snowmass. A little nervous b/c Sunday after WP, I did a hard ride and then a run and my body hasn’t fully recovered. I may be doing the Super D at snowmass too.

Meet the ugliest shoes you have ever seen. I swore I would NEVER own a pair of these things, but then I tried them on. so light and comfy. So if I’m wearing ugly shoes, I may as well go BIG and get a flashy color as well. Cheese anyone? 😉

Oh, school starts in 2 short weeks. It’s bittersweet really. I will get away from the monotony of working(thank GOD), but school poses quite a few challenges. Maybe I need those challenges to keep things interesting.

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