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Good quote

By December 7, 20072 Comments

…from my friend Nick Martin. I could not have put it better myself.

“Bike racers are simple creatures, especially mountain bikers. In an effort to prolong the real world for as long as possible, we will literally work for next to nothing for the chance to wake up in the morning and simply ride. If wealth was measured by the amount of free time one has, then as a cyclist, I was one of the richest men alive.”

A lot of my friends and family cannot understand my obsession. They especially can’t understand why in 1 week, I will hold a Master’s Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering, why I won’t go get a full time job and make a boatload of money. I can’t blame ’em for the confusion…but Nick has put it ever so succinctly. My wealth is measured by my free time to ride and to travel to ride. Call me crazy, or just call me Looney. 🙂 My ability and time to train and be a professional mountain biker tops just about anything right now.


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