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Good things to come.

By August 30, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

I had a pretty awful day on the bike at Winter Park. Not only were my legs powerless, but my granny gear did not work AT ALL. The first climb was longer than expected, and I definitely passed a bunch of people, but I was burning all my matches, standing up and pushing with all my might. A couple times over the course of the race, I tried to pull over and physically put the chain into the granny with my hands. It barely worked and was super loud. I have a new respect for singlespeeders…

My body was starting to take a toll for the worst, with symptoms of what happened in Laramie Enduro. My legs were throbbing with pain. I never ever quit races, mostly out of pure stubborn-ness… but I made a choice. I got to a dirt road. Turn right and go up a climb and who knows how much further to the finish, or take a left on the dirt road into town and ride easy on the bike path to the resort. I stood there for 5 minutes debating, and I chose to go left. I’m not proud of it, but I know it was the right choice. I have some very big things coming up, and digging myself a hole right before it would not be ideal. Draw a line in the sand between feeling good and not feeling good. When you are right on that line, you have to make a choice.

The reason I made a choice is because of what I have coming up.

Next weekend is a race in Park City called the Point 2 Point! I can’t wait! 🙂 75 miles, over 13,000′ of climbing, and about 90% singletrack. It’d be a really tough day if your legs felt like poo and your granny gear didn’t work so here is hoping. 🙂 It’s going to be awesome.

Then I am going to Montreal for the Expo Cycle bike show for Ergon. I am very excited to go there, and to use my french! The dates of the show overlap with Vapor Trail, but I am coming back and getting home at midnight on Vapor Trail eve, leave on Saturday, and start the race at 10PM. Odds say I won’t feel too good there. Although it’s technically a “race,” I am treating it like a really really long bike ride. I will not have a racing mind-set, thereby holding no expectation. It takes 15-24 hours… so hopefully no expectation other than to see and ride some of the most epic things I ever have. I will take my camera. I will stop to take pictures. I will eat whatever crazy food is at the aide stations instead of gels and “race” food, and hell, I may even have a beer.

Picture 1
Vapor Trail 3D loop.

We head to Park City on Thursday. Woohoo! I gotta do some night riding this week too. Bring out the lights!


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