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By May 10, 2005No Comments

I graduate on Saturday! woo hoo!! 🙂 I was officially done with classes last Thursday and had NO finals. Lucky me. I don’t really have much new news which will be a huge relief to most of you since my past two entries were LONG!! I don’t remember is I said, but I am going Europe for 3 weeks next month! It should be really fun– going to France, Hungary, and Italy. Hopefully I’ll get to catch a mountain stage of the Tour de France and maybe rent a bike and ride to the beach or something. My parents are also taking my bro and I on a cruise the first week of June. June will be a busy and FUN month!

I haven’t done much racing since the Gila. I decided last weekend to NOT do Galisteo- a flat, windy road race..instead I rode to the crest. My legs are still pretty tired from Gila… Damian gave me a hard training week last week b/c I’m trying to peak for the Iron Horse over memorial day. I’m doing the road race(ride from Durango to Silverton) and then the mtn bike race. FUN! So this weekend is graduation and next weekend is a race in Gallup- a crit and a mtn bike race. Hopefully I can win some money!

I did a little bit of partying last week… downtown Friday night, I saw some people I knew. They would say, “Sonya? Is that you?? You never come down here! Wow!” I must say, riding after a night of drinking is complete misery! Now I remember why I don’t party too much. Hence, I will be in misery for my rides this weekend as well, but after that I’ll go back to not going out. Gotta get fast!

I went to Los Lonely Boys and Ozomatli last night with Adam. It was really fun! There was a very eclectic crowd– lots of hoochie mamas, homies, normal people(what is normal anyway?), white trash, old women in tight clothes, sleezballs.. it makes it interesting b/c you can laugh at all the funny quirks people have.

See ya next time!

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