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Gunnison: Arrived!

By May 22, 2009March 22nd, 20174 Comments

We’re here!!  After a little over 4+ hours in the FJ (we shoved 5 people in there), we made it to Gunnison.  On the way, we stopped over Salida for some coffee, lunch, and also paid a visit to Absolute Bikes.  If you’re ever in Salida, that shop rocks!

After getting to the hotel, we headed out for a quick 1 hour ride today.  We only rode a small portion of the course, but it was enough for me to realize how hard Sunday is going to be.

Topeak-Ergon in full force. Right: Me, then Jeff. Left: Namrita, then Eddie

I got to ride with ALMOST the whole US Team (Dave was busy because he is the supa fly race promoter)


Left: Yuki, Jeff, Namrita, Eddie, myself

Namrita and I. She is awesome!!!

Jeff took a video of us descending. Order: Myself, Namrita, Yuki, Eddie

Super fun!!!!

Yeah Yuki!!! There is a lot of big granite rocks on the course!! Yikes!

Jeff getting my back…. and watching it. ha ha!

Yuki takes good photos… (that’s me giggling like a small child!)

Eddie O’dea raging the DH!

Tomorrow will be another short ride, and trying to get used to riding at 8000′.  I’m a bit anxious for the race… I hope I feel good…and that I don’t crash spectacularly!


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