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39 trillion. That is approximately how many bacteria are living in your gut. Guess what feeds them? You. Gut health is all about fiber-fueled food! Everything you eat is either a step towards better health or a strike against it.

If you want gut flora that helps balance your hormones, reduce your chances of cancer, reverse Type 2 Diabetes, prevent neuropsychiatric conditions like ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and depression, then you need to eat fiber.  Yes! Fiber is about so much more than pooping regularly.  So how do you make sure you have a healthy gut?  You talk to Dr. B, you eat as many different sources of fiber as you can, and you pick up the book, Fiber Fueled.

If you’re a fan of this podcast, you more than likely listened to my first episode with the gastroenterologist and now new author, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz.  As he likes to be called, Dr. B is an MD and an internationally recognized gut health expert. He says that gut health is all about being fiber-fueled.  He is passionate about the incredible healing power that lives inside you—your gut microbiota. Dr. B’s medical training involved 16 years at America’s elite institutions. He completed a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University, a medical degree from Georgetown University, and a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation from Northwestern University. He also has an exploding Instagram account and you can follow Dr. B on Instagram at @theguthealthmd.

His new book, Fiber Fueled came out just last week. It’s the first of its kind in a plant-based guide to gut-health.  He took his research and experience as an MD, the 600 references cited in the book, and built an incredible book that is interesting to read, easy to understand, and every page has important takeaways.  He also tells you what foods to eat, how to cook them, and even has a 4-week guide with 70 recipes.

The biggest takeaway from this show is that you should eat as much variety of whole plant foods as you can.

Topics for a Fiber Fueled Gut

  • Book Writing
  • what does a gastroenterologist actually do?
  • how digestion works
  • Fiber 101
  • What if you already eat a lot of veggies and fiber-filled foods already, but still eat meat and dairy?
  • gut health and immunity
  • how much fiber is too much? Can you introduce too much at once?
  • the gut as part of the endocrine system
  • birth, babies, breast milk and fiber
  • FGOALS acronym: foods to eat for your gut
  • fermented foods
  • gut health and athletic performance

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