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Happy 4th!

By July 3, 2008No Comments

I finally get to do a hard workout that isn’t a race tomorrow! Coach has been having me do a bunch of zone 2 rides so all of my tortured muscles fibers are regroup. I’m excited to have a 3 day weekend and actually maybe relax a little bit. Tomorrow i have an LT/VO2 interval workout on the mountain bike (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, no road bike. hurrrrraaaayyy!!!) and then Liz and I are heading up to Beck. A lot of my buddies are racing the Firecracker, so I’ll give them some second lap cheering. It’s marathon nationals and there are a lot of the “big boys” racing. Should be interesting. Liz has friends up there doing a classical music festival thing, so we are going to get some of that too. Some of her culture and some of mine. What are friends for?

I am currently trying to not drink a coffee today since my policy is usually caffeine only on days I ride…but I can spoil myself, right? 🙂

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