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Happy Halloween!

By October 31, 2009March 22nd, 20176 Comments

The storm is gone, and a LOT of snow has melted away.  Woohoo!  I got out on my bike for the third time since Moab.  Yes, that is a once a week ride average since then.  2010 training starts very soon!  I felt super strong today.  NOT going for a run the day before a ride makes a huge difference in how my legs feel! 🙂  I think the running fitness is also crossing over and helping a bit.

I took the mountain bike up to Gold Hill, and knew I’d get to play in the mud!

Gold Hill, 10/31/09
The roads were pretty good until I got to about 7500′. Then the muddy fun commenced.

Gold Hill, 10/31/09
There were snowy fun sections.

Gold Hill, 10/31/09
Moist sections.

Gold Hill, 10/31/09
Dropping down Lickskillet to Lefthand Canyon. I decided coming down 4 mile would be more of a wet, muddy adventure than I was up for. 🙂

Gold Hill, 10/31/09
Sweet views.

I ran into Jeff on top of Lee Hill(he left before me today). We were coming up the hill from different directions (I was heading home), and I turned around and went with him to finish off the duration of his ride.
Gold Hill 10/31

Looks like we will have some nice Fall weather for at least 5 days.  I’m bummed about the time change… it’s depressing.  We are probably heading to Moab next weekend to ride some trails!

Here is the elevation/HR profile from my NEW Suunto T6!! I LOVE IT!
Gold Hill, 10/31/09

Up to Gold Hill, up Lee Hill, up Old Stage.  SWEEET!  I wanted to keep going,  but made myself to home.

Gold Hill, 10/31/09
Red Suuntos are cool. I love the Suunto Lumi I got last year too!

More bike riding in the sunshine and muddy roads tomorrow. woo woo!!!!  Hope everyone has a sweet Halloween!  I’ll leave you with this:



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