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Happy Halloween

By October 31, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Here in Boulder, everyone is dressed up for Halloween. I lived here last October too, but people definitely were not in the spirit. At the bike shop, a guy was dressed up as cloudy care bear. NICE! CARE BEAR STTAAAARRREEE. He said his girlfriend traded a shirt to a bum for the costume. Then I saw a kid at school dressed as a tiger. I saw another woman driving her car with a 5 o’clock shadow painted on…well, let’s hope that was a woman… I am being lame and not participating in Halloween. It had to fall into a crazy week of school- two exams and a paper, and right before the USGP. Could I get any busier? Maybe!

I wanted to wish Adam good luck too. He leaves tomorrow for Costa Rica to do La Ruta de los Conquistadores, one of the most brutal mountain bike races in the world. It’s three days long and is EPIC. He definitely will have his work cut out for him.

On another note, I officially hate the CU email list. This is what happens… usually more than once a week. Someone sends a serious email(like Nat’s company was going to give CU Cycling members a discount on a WobbleNaught fit) and then all the little boys feel they have to add whatever sarcastic input they have to it and generally it really isn’t funny. And you’ll get like 15-20 emails of people going back and forth trying to be funny. First of all, you’re dumb. Second of all, I don’t have TIME to read your crap. Third, WHO CARES..don’t you have anything better to do than sit there at your computer refreshing your inbox every 3 seconds so you can be the first to respond?!!!?!

The weather here has been so erratic. It was 70 this weekend and 25 this morning when I was riding to school.

And finally… look! a picture of me NOT on the bike. I look like I’m 15! 😉

…and yes, the wall in this new room I live in is pale pink. I guess I need to find my more feminine side with all this engineering and bike racing. 😉

Ok, no more procrastination. Back to studying neural modelling… YES!

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