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Harness your INNER NINJA!

By October 9, 2013March 22nd, 2017No Comments

As you all know, I’m crazy about my socks. I’ve been rocking ’em since before sock companies made such flare and fun. I used to buy them anywhere I could find them…!! Over the last 10 years, socks have gotten more popular and a great way to add some fun or style to your look on and off the bike.

I have partnered with Defeet moving forward. They are a great, inspiring sponsor!! They have even given me the opportunity to design my own socks – something I’ve always wanted to do!!!  Go to the bottom of the post for a coupon code!


My first sock is the Trail Ninja. It’s their new Levitator Trail mountain bike sock. Here’s some product info from Defeet owner, Shane Cooper.

LeviTator TRAIL from DeFeet on Vimeo.

So, my first sock is now available for purchase. It’s called the Trail Ninja. Who doesn’t love Ninjas and all the fun jokes you can make surrounding it?



Defeet gave me a coupon code for all my readers and fans to use on their website.  Enter “looney4defeet” and get 20% off ALL purchases.  Here’s the Ninja Sock link if you want to snag a pair!   or click here!

While you’re shopping… the Defeet baselayers are a new great find to my collection.  I was using Craft baselayers before, but these are even better and they have them for different temperature ranges.

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