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Our family made a lot of changes in the last year to our lives. We moved to an entirely new town, bought a house, changed our work environment, got pregnant with our second child, and we are raising a sweet toddler!

Each month, I like bringing a solo episode to you. Usually, it’s about a well-researched topic as it relates to topics covered on the show (and you can get weekly doses in my newsletter), but today, we talked about courage, parenting, marital satisfaction, and more!

“I know that my values and your values are 100% in alignment, so when you and I are making big decisions that do take courage, we have confidence that we are going to be okay. because the things that make us okay aren’t a dollar figure in our bank account, a certain type of thing that we own. It’s who we are as humans and how we interact, and our ability to believe in ourselves, our ability to believe in each other that we can work hard we can take care of each other, we’ll be okay and the most important thing is having confidence in your relationship and yourself. ”

– Matt Ewonus

Key Takeaways

  • Why we moved to Squamish
  • What it means to have courage to make changes
  • Marital Satisfaction with a Toddler
  • Matt’s Running Journey
  • Taking 3 years off racing
  • Feelings about our new baby coming soon

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