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Head in the clouds

By November 25, 2008March 22nd, 20172 Comments

… or maybe that was the sun. Boulder, CO is one of the great places where the sun shines most days. We definitely take the sunshine for granted, so when the sun doesn’t come out, everyone says, “Where is the sun today?” As I look out the window right now, I can see the sun shining, but that is because it’s about to go down!

PB254973 I try, but it’s hard to stay away from dirt.

It’s chilly in the canyons without the sun.

PB254979 Go sit in there for some recovery…. NOT!


Today was a 2 hour zone 2 road ride. I was looking forward to it since last week was a rest week. 2009 training is on, and I will be riding 6 days a week over the winter. I also started my Core Performance book yesterday. It was good, but I am looking forward to it getting a little harder.

Picture 1 As requested, here is a power file of a zone 2 road ride. I am not sure what typical is since I have nothing to compare it to, but I’m learning! It looks like an EKG or something.

I am going home tomorrow night (got a 100 dollar Southwest plane ticket!) till Saturday night. I’m looking forward to the holiday and eating my mom’s stuffing. yummmm. Tomorrow is another 2 hour day.


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