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Just because you don’t eat meat or dairy doesn’t mean that you’re healthy. Chef AJ can relate.   She said, “For 26 years, I was the quintessential fat vegan.  It wasn’t until I had a health scare…. that I realized I had to do something.”  She is a self-proclaimed recovering food addict and a classically trained chef, author, and speaker. As an unhealthy vegan for most of her life, she jokes that “skittles was a fruit” and “cakes and candies” were a food group.

When she discovered she had pre-cancerous polyps in her colon at age 43, things started to trained.  Refusing to undergo surgery due to a fear of anesthesia, she found the Optimum Health Institute in Southern California where diet and lifestyle were used to help people with diseases.  Six months later, the polyps were gone  she went a little deeper into nutrition and started eating a plant-exclusive diet and eliminated ALL processed foods for good.

After she became aware of her addiction to certain foods, she stopped eating oils, sugars, and added fats.  She has a facebook page, a YouTube Channel, and 2 books to guide people on how to overcome food addiction and how to maintain a healthy weight.  She also speaks around the country – that’s how we met!  Chef AJ also says that not everyone has a food addiction problem (her husband does not), and that people can have varying levels of sensitivity.

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Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Chef AJ’s story
  • What is food addiction
  • What is classified as a processed food
  • Oils + Sugar Addiction
  • Refined carbs: sugar, flour, alcohol
  • Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss
  • Her freshly coined term: cyclorexia


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