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Here we go

By May 3, 2006No Comments

The theme for this week will be “off the back” with Sonya Looney. Today was the time trial at Tour of the Gila. I got here last night and just made it for registration. I rolled up to the start today looking choderiffic! Clip on Aerobars, old ass frame, no skinsuit, no TT helmet, no disc wheels. Sweet! Today was actually my first TT ever (other than hill climb TTs which are short and don’t require much special equipment. I am actually good at those). My goal today was not to get last although I was secretly hoping to do okay. I got 65th out of 69. Ouch. I still beat last place by I think 2 minutes(not sure on that). Oh well. I did have a great time and got in a good effort. I enjoy time trials, I just need to build up some fitness. Apparently I am a strange creature that needs to be studied in the lab because my AVERAGE heart rate for 49 minutes was 200. I was looking forward to telling Adam because he get so flabberghasted at my hummerbird heart rate. I guess this will fare well for me late in the season for mountain bike races. I was around 206 most of the time, but felt like I could have pushed it a little more. I’m pretty disappointed with my result, but it’s my fault for only doing 2 races so far this year and showing up to my frist 1/2/3 race thinking I’ll do decent. I’m ultimately using this race for training to be fast in July.

I’m staying in a house in Tyrone,NM (Mary Rudy’s family) with 3 other girls. The town is 5 miles south of Silver City and is literally just a neighborhood. They are all super nice and not your typical roadie bitches. There were some snobby chics at registration. You know me, I’m friendly, I’ll talk to anyone. In this case, when i started talking, they just pretended I wasn’t there. I am actually feeling gigantic here at the Gila. I don’t think of myself as being a “big” girl (although I need to drop a few pounds before July), but compared to these 100 lb 5’2” chicks, I’m Thor. Maybe next year I’ll get fit early in the season and try to tear it up here.

Tomorrow is the first road race so wish me luck. I’m a little nervous about riding in a pack with 70 other girls, but most of those girls are really good so they won’t wreck me. This race will definitely be a great learning experience. The course tomorrow is pretty flat until the end and there’s a steep climb. Hopefully I can stick it to ’em on the uphill. I’ll let you know how many times I get dropped! 😉

Congrats to C dolla, AKA Collin Becker for tearing it up and getting 2nd in the Cat 2 race. Nice job!!!

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