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High Alpine

By August 29, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I wrote on facebook that it feels like vacation when I get an actual weekend – a weekend I’m not racing or working. This weekend was a mini-vacay in Breckenridge with my family. It was a bonus that the US Pro Tour was going on and that some of my friends were in Breck.

It felt good to get back on the bike after being in Oregon, but it always hurts after taking several days completely off. By the end of the weekend, I still can’t tell if I’m stale from too many days off or still tired from the Breck Epic (or a combo of both).

I had 2 agendas for the weekend – fun with the fam and adventure.

Saturday was a little recon from one of the Breck Epic stages. My friend Dan came with me and we did part of the Guyot Stage. I wanted to do French Pass again so I could actually look around and enjoy the views.



Once we got to the saddle, I was hypnotized by the siren song of the peaks. We left our bikes down below and continued hiking up the side of the mountain in our bike shoes.




There were mountain goats above us. When we got a little closer, they stood at alert and started coming towards us. Their sinewy bodies and horns made me think twice about going closer and turned around. The clouds were starting to move in as well, so we decided to head back down. There were gross hissing bugs with stingers or antenna everywhere in the grass.


Sorry mister goat


We also voluntarily went up Little French (I’ve been up and down it a lot this year). I wanted to show Dan the carnage from the storm around July 6.


HERE is a link for when the US PRO Challenge guys came through. WHOOOSH!

A MAJOR bonus for Saturday night was a FREE concert from Big Head Todd and the Monsters. That was my 5th time seeing them, and they played for nearly 2 hours! We got right up near the front and I jumped around the whole time. What a great surprise!!!

haha, gettin’ down with my bad self


Sunday was more a lazy day with a mellow breakfast. We drove up Boreas Pass Rd to the summit. It was funny – that was my first time in a car to the top. It was weird. From there, we continued to hike up. My boyfriend came up and we decided to continue on our own. My mom and dad hung out and enjoyed the views, and I dragged Matt up to the top of the next summit around 13,000′. The views were stunning. There were more of those gross bugs making the weird hissing sounds too.




Upside down at 11,500′!

I got home today and had 3 weeks worth of laundry and unpacking to do. I also had some catch up for work since I was gone on business all last week.

Next up, leaving Wednesday for the Park City Point to Point. The real question – will I be recovered? uhhh uhh uhhh….

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